Happy Days Are Here Again!

The term “Hobohemian” denotes a unique form of Americanized
vagabond-style bohemianism which guides the group’s approach towards
popular American and European roots music of the 1910’s, 20’s, and 30’s: a potent mix of proto-jazz, blues, and folk.

( in order of appearance )

AntoonAntoon “Antman” Speters (vocals, lead guitar, dobro, mandolin & banjo)
has played music professionally for over 40 years. He's well-known in the Athens area as a member of  String Theory, Green Flag, North Georgia Bluegrass Band, and formally of Short Road Home and Curley Maple.

JOKE- Q:How do you get Antoon to play softer?
A: Give him some sheet music.

JohnJohn Amoss (piano, accordion, rhythm guitar, ukulele, xylophone, harmonica & vocals)
Presently from Gainesville, John has been a member of The Decatur-based Nervous Ticks, The Gimmees, and Gainesville's The Terminal Degrees.

JOKE- Q: What's the difference between an accordion player
and a large pepperoni pizza?

A: The pepperoni pizza can feed a family of four.

BillBill Hollingsworth Oglesby (baritone sax, flute, vocals & gong)
is also a member of The Knockouts, Incatepec, The Nairobi Trio, The Soul Pleasers, and has played and recorded with Deerhunter and Packway Handle

JOKE- Q: How do you get two saxophonists to play in unison?
A: Shoot one...

SusanSusan Staley (vocals, guitar, ukulele, snare & thwacky things)
Solstice Sisters, String Theory, and hosts Athen's Folk and dance Society's monthy music show, The Hoot.

JOKE- Q: Why does Susan walk while she plays the ukulele?
A: To try to get away from the noise...

ElijahDick “DDBass” Daniels (acoustic standup bass & vocals)
of String Theory, North Georgia Bluegrass Band, The Wampus Cat Skinners,The Downwind Boys, and others.

JOKE- Q: Why don't bass players play hide and seek?
A: Because no one will look for them.

OwenJoe Ellison (drum kit, various percussion thing-a-majigs & vocals)
is a member of Klezmer Local 42, The Original Screwtops, and The Artie Ball Swing Band.

JOKE- Q: How can you tell a drummer's at the door?
A: The knocking speeds up.


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